Q How do I get Pastecs?
A Simply Go to Google PlayStore

Q How can I be sure that students cannot subvert the process?
A Pastecs uses facial recognition and GPS technology that cannot be cheated. The Student in question simply has to be present in the lecture or they will not be marked present

Q How much does Pastecs cost?
A Free for students and an affordable fee for schools. Schools can build the cost of Pastecs into tuition making it virtually no cost to you. It’s your choice

Q Can I as a parent check to see my students’ attendance?
A Yes. Simply access your account and check for your students meeting attendance based from the completed meeting categories. Also, by simply checking the students profile you can have a rough estimate on their lecture attendance.

Q As an investor, how will I make money?
A Your investment will be returned quickly from Big Data Analytics, premium features and as advertisers pay to advertise In-App. Also, subscription fees will come monthly from an ever expanding market base.