About Us

Annually, over 4 million tertiary students who attend 500 public and private (Universities, Polytechnics, Technical Board and Colleges of Education) tertiary institutions in Nigeria take mandatory lecture attendance using an old fashioned method that requires students to write down their names on sheets of paper. As a result, billions of attendance records need to be processed manually every school year.

What our startup has done is to provide an innovative and seamless mobile app "Pastecs" which assists educators and organizations mark, record and process lecture attendance easily and efficiently.

Pastecs was started by people who noticed mandatory attendance was taking too much time, inefficient and far too easy to scam by using creative methods by unscrupulous students.

With a drive for innovation, founded on the love of education and integrity, Pastecs has developed a 21st century solution for an age-old problem that simply needed to be solved.

Our startup believes that digital attendance and record management is the smart way to make sure billions of attendance records are accurate. Our app ‘Pastecs’, digitizes lecture attendance and record management by making the entire process smarter. It’s the first of its kind and our world class mobile app will assist educators to take lecture attendance within seconds without the pain of manual attendance. With this app you can say goodbye to the poor use of time that comes with manually taking attendance and the risk of lost records. It also makes the process cheat proof eliminating any chance for people to cover up for anyone who might be absent.